1. What is the difference between Paperang P1 and Paperang P2?

Paperang P2 has 300 dpi, and the resolution of it has been greatly improved. Paperang P2 supports label paper and post it paper. The appearance of Paperang P2 has been optimized, and graceful lines in design make it more fashionable.

2. How to use?

Download “Paperang” from Google Play or App Store - Register an account and login - Click “+” (Add device) – Search and connect to the device – Print.

3. Does Paperang need to add ink?

Paperang is the thermal printer, which requires no ink, ribbon, or thermal transfer ribbon. Just load the paper in, and you can print.

4. Can Paperang print colour pictures?

Paperang P1 and Paperang P2 only support single color printing.

5. How to replace the paper?

Check the arrow indication on the left side of Paperang, and slightly push cover downward to open it, and then you can replace or adjust the paper.

6. What paper are supported?

Paperang supports basic thermal paper, label thermal paper and sticker thermal paper. Paperang’ s official paper has passed BP-A test, and it is BPA free.

7. How long will the printed pictures and files keep?

It depends on what kinds of paper you use. The retention time varies from 1 to 10 years.

8. How big is the printer?

It is a hand-sized printer.

9. Indicator tips

Green/White Light On: normal status, Red Light On: abnormal status, including paper shortage, overheated, cover opened, low battery.

10. Charging Instructions

Any Micro-USB adapter is capable of charging Paperang, and Paperang can also be charged by PC. Paperang P1 can print four rolls paper after fully charged, and Paperang P2 can print 6 rolls paper after fully charged.